Ongoing Website Care & Maintenance

When you take care of your website, it will take care of you!

Website Care & Maintenance

All sites require some ongoing TLC, but your valuable time should be spent focusing on your business instead rather than the nitty-gritty details of website maintenance. Let Dahl House Designs take care of your site’s daily care; all of our monthly website maintenance packages include everything you need to keep your site running smoothly. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is secure & being kept up-to-date.

All of Our Monthly Website Maintenance Packages Include:

Each DHD client has the option of using our hosting platform, which is provided by Flywheel; the absolute best in WordPress hosting! Flywheel provides over 99.99% uptime, lightning fast speed and more! Clients who utilize our hosting will also enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Free SSL Certificate (for https/secure connection)
  • Extra daily site back up
  • Free staging site, so significant changes do not interrupt your live site.
  • Free site clean-up in the unlikely event of a hack.
  • Option CDN (Content Delivery Network) for better website performance; we can help you determine if a CDN would help you!

Site backups are a critical system, ensuring that if anything happens to your live site, we are ready to restore it with a recent copy.  We perform a backup of your site each morning and do an additional backup before a WordPress, plugin, or theme update.

Learn more about website backups.

Sites hosted by Dahl House Designs rarely go down. However, if in the unlikely event your site does go down (or you elect to use an independent hosting provider*) rest assured I receive an immediate notification via SMS text message and can address the issue right away.

*If your site goes down due to an issue with a 3rd party host, Dahl House Designs is not responsible for any corrective measures.

When WordPress releases a core update, we test to ensure it will work properly on your site. WordPress core updates are performed within 48 hours of stable release, as determined by Dahl House Designs. We will not update WordPress until we are sure your site is ready for the update!

In addition to keeping your WordPress core system updated, it is also essential for security & functionality to keep your site’s theme(s) and plugins updated. Dahl House Designs checks all managed sites daily, updating any theme or plugin required*. Your monthly report will highlight the theme/plugin updates performed.

*If your site was developed by a third-party, the client might be responsible for the license renewal fee.

We run a 3-point security sweep on each website daily (or more frequently if requested/needed). The three points include:
  • Vulnerability Sweep – this check reviews that the themes & plugins used on your site have no known vulnerabilities, creating a gateway for malicious activity. We catch and fix problems before they can be exploited
  • Malware Scan – this check looks for malicious code that may have been injected on your site.
  • Web Trust – we check with the ten most widely used web-safe companies*, making sure you stay on their “trusted site” list. In the event your site is black-listed, we will look into the issue, resolve the problem, and file an appeal with the web-safe company.
*Google Safe Browsing, Norton Web Safe, PhishTank, Opera Browser, SiteAdvisor, Sucuri Malware Labs, SpamHaus DBL, Yandix, Sophos, ESET. If you forego our hosting platform, you may be financially responsible for resolving any security issues that arise.

Bulky photos can slow down site performance, negatively impacting your search ranking & bounce rate. Our maintenance package includes a plugin that will optimize new images added to your site for the web.

We include an analytics overview with your monthly report; we collect this data from Google Analytics. You also have the option of accessing your Google Analytics account directly for on-demand/in-depth analytics.

All sites managed by Dahl House Designs get a basic SEO service package which includes SEO Yoast integration, schema markup for main pages & blog posts, and keyword monitoring for up to 100 keywords (list to be provided by client).

Announcing a new service from Dahl House Designs; Broken Link Detection! Our new monitoring service makes sure that all links (internal & external) are working properly.

To help keep your website performing at its best, we will perform a monthly database cleanup. Our new optimization tools will scrub your site of unused code, media, and other little bits that can impact your site speed & user experience.

For more info about this service, check out our annoucement.

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