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Our Story

How We Got Our Start

Our story starts with a blog.

In fall 2012, I got married to my husband, Brian, and moved 600 miles to Virginia Beach to be with him. I loved married life (still do), but Brian worked a lot of hours, and that left me with a lot of time on my hands. I was also missing people back home and wanted to stay in touch. So, I decided to join the masses and started a blog chronicling our adventures.

I definitely enjoyed the writing, and it was fun to get involved in the blogging community. But what I found I loved most? Designing my site, and learning how to make it look exactly the way I wanted it.

I spent the next couple of years mastering the basics of web design; reading all that I could, watching video tutorials, and taking online classes. My freelancing opportunities started to pick up, and eventually, I was ready to officially open Dahl House Designs! During this time I was able to work with some amazing people and continued to learn more advanced web design skills.


After operating independently for about 2 years, I was excited to get an offer to become the Senior Web Developer for an up & coming full-service marketing agency. It was indeed a fantastic opportunity, and it felt like the next logical step in my career.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time as part of an agency. I loved collaborating with a talented group of folks, who were all passionate about what they were doing.

But then I got a phone call.

The company was making some changes in focus and had decided to eliminate my department. They offered to keep me on in a different capacity, but it wasn’t an opportunity I felt any sort of excitement about.

I had a decision to make.

… And Back Again.

Finding out your job is disappearing is never fun; getting laid off comes with a lot of emotions. But this challenge presented me with an opportunity to reflect on what’s important to me both professionally and personally. After a lot of thought & discussion with Brian, we came to the conclusion we wanted to reopen Dahl House Designs.

I am so excited to be back; working with people & on projects that I am passionate about. If you’re a returning client, welcome back! You’ll notice that we’ve changed up our look, and we’ve added some new benefits to our maintenance plan, as well as expanding some of our services… but one thing hasn’t changed, and that is my dedication to each one of you.

And if you’re new to DHD, welcome! I’d love to hear about your website goals, and help you find the right solutions to achieve them. Let’s chat!

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    wooden table with laptop, smartphone, water glass, and notepad
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