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Introducing Advanced Optimization

Dahl House Designs is very excited about a new feature coming to all Care & Maintenance packages this August: Advanced Optimization!

Over time, your website can accumulate unused bits of data, things like:

  • Dozens of page or post revisions, or trashed pages & posts
  • Unused media items– even photos deleted from your WordPress dashboard can remain in your database!
  • Template files for deleted plugins
  • Spam comments, and unused post pingbacks
  • And more!

Our new suite of optimization tools will help ensure that your website is performing at its highest level. Each month, we’ll audit your web site’s database and scrub it of unused code, media files, and the other little bits that can bog things down. Each audit is tested using a staging site, giving you peace of mind that no needed data is lost.

Dahl House Designs is pleased to include this helpful service at no additional cost, for all our Website Care & Maintenance clients. We’ll be rolling out monthly audits starting now, and will have all of our client’s sites first audit complete by the end of August 2019.

This new service is sure to decrease your website load time, which is great for your SEO, bounce rate & user experience! If you’re not currently enrolled in a Care & Maintenance package with Dahl House Designs, and would like to improve your site’s performance– get in touch!

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