Our Process

Dahl House Designs is a well-oiled machine. We’ve got a great process in place, to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

The Brief

At our first meeting, we’ll be asking a lot of questions about your business and your website needs. This info will help us understand what you’re trying to achieve and help us layout the best plan for your web design project!

Create a Sitemap

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll build you a visual sitemap; check out an example of a very basic sitemap here. This sitemap shows the pages we plan on building, as well as how those pages related to one another; having a solid sitemap gives us an excellent overview of how we want to structure your information.

Home Page Design

Following the sitemap, the first page we design is your homepage; after all, this sets the tone for the whole site! We create the homepage and get feedback from you so that we can make sure this critical component is right before we dig into the internal pages.

Interior Pages Design

Once you’ve approved the homepage design, our next step is to design the interior pages of your website. We’ll periodically send you updates so that you can review & provide feedback.


A critical step in the process is testing. While we do some testing during the build process, we do most of our extensive testing after we have the design complete. During this time, we review your site on multiple devices and browsers, making sure it will behave as expected for all users. We also do other checks, such as contact form testing and making sure all links are working correctly.


It’s time to pop the bubbly and do a little celebration dance! After we’re sure your site is ready for the world, we work with you to select a launch date, and deploy your shiny new website!